One of the most immediate goals of the Society is to relocate the Museum to a new, permanent home. This 1903 stone commissary building at Camp Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois, known as the “Castle,” was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. It is currently under renovation, but additional funds are needed to complete the project.

Together with guidons and captured Confederate Flags, Illinois’ collection of 392 regimental flags is one of the largest in the United States. These flags are currently held in the Hall of Flags located at the Howlett Building and the Illinois State Military Museum both in Springfield, Illinois. These proud standards are in desperate need of preservation to ensure their basic stability since some of them have been on display in the Hall of Flags since 1878. Many are no longer available for public viewing due to age and fragility and all are in need of repair.

The Illinois National Guard and Militia Historical Society is asking you to support the preservation and restoration of these flags. Your donation, large or small, is vital to saving the colors carried by Illinois’ soldiers. Please join us in restoring these state treasures.

In the past, there were two major efforts to save these precious artifacts. The last restoration was completed more than 75 years ago, and was successful in slowing the deterioration of the flags. However, time has taken its toll and our flags are again in need of repair. Today, it costs thousands of dollars to restore a single flag. Your donation will help ensure that the flags receive the care the need and that they will live on for future generations. Only with your generous support will the Illinois National Guard and Militia Historical Society and the Illinois State Military Museum be able to move this project into the next phase.

Please partner with us in this restoration project, your contribution will benefit future generations. (Download pdf donation form – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

For more information about Illinois Civil War Flag Collection please visit:

If you are interested in obtaining your own photographs of Illinois’s Flag collection please download our Flag Order Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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